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[IP] Re: Paradigm "upgradable"

I think you're missing something.  The idea is that in order for the 
pump to support giving 1 unit of U-200 insulin, it would ACTUALLY have 
to deliver the EQUIVILENT of .05 units of U-100 insulin.  In other 
words, if the pump were using U-200 insulin, and you told it to give 
you 1 unit of insulin, it would actually deliver .5 ul.  That means 
that the motor is capable of delivering insulin to that level of 
resolution.  So, in you use U-100 insulin, it is capable of 
delivering .05 units of insulin.  If you use U-50, then it is capable 
of delivering .025 units of insulin.

So, it is simply a matter of a software change to support the .05 unit 
resolution in the pump because the motor can handle it.

Now, concerning the existance of U-200.  I read an interview on-line 
that made it sound like there was GOING to be (or is in the works) an 
attempt to get FDA approval for a U-200 insulin for pump use.  It might 
be possible that MM was trying to get ahead of the game by designing a 
pump that could handle this (which might also explain the smaller 
resoivoir size) new insulin.  But, I also found some medical studies 
that were done using U200 and U500 insulins, so perhaps U200 insulin IS 
available for non-consumer use at this time.

>That seems bass-ackwards.  If you infuse 1 ul (micro-liter) of U-200, 
>then you've gotten 2 units of insulin.  If you infuse 0.25 ul of 
>U-200 insulin you've gotten 0.05 units.  But there never was such a 
>thing as U-200.   They do have the U-50 settings in the Paradigm, and 
>with that insulin (which should be relatively easy to formulate with 
>the proper diluent) you could get a 0.05 basal rate.  Does this mean 
>that the 512 cartridge will only hold 88 units now of U-50 insulin?
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