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Re: [IP] Re:511v512

The pump number, to MM, may indicate a "feature set".  When the 
software went from 1.7, 1.8, and eventually 2.0 in the 511, there were 
no new features added.  It was bug fixes/enhancements to existing 
features.  But, the 512 adds a whole new feature set that would be 
PERCEIVED by the customer as almost a whole new pump.  So, give the 
pump a whole new version number, not just the software, to indicate 
it's feature set.

However, I do think it is possible that they have made improvements to 
the hardware in the pump, and therefore gave it a new name.  An example 
might be that they would add flash memory to the 512 so that pump 
settings aren't lost in case of battery failure, etc.  This change 
would not preclude the 511 from having all of the same software 
enhancements as the 512.  (BTW, I'm NOT suggesting that MM actually did 
this.  I still think that the 512 is unchanged hardware...just using 
the memory as an example of what they COULD have done should they have 
chosen to.)


>I guess that the 511/512 is a product of the sales/promotions dept. 
>They have already changed from ver. 1.7 to 2.0 software so a 3.0 or 
>something would be easy but not as catchy in the advertising.       
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