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[IP] The Paradigm 512 and angry people

You would think people have a vendetta against MM or something!!!

Okay, concerning the 176 unit max size.  I've been using the Paradigm 
511 with an average daily use of insulin of 60 units/day.  Sure, it 
would be nice if it lasted longer...but the fact of the matter is, the 
MEDICAL recommendations for maximum time leaving in a site is 2 1/2 to 
3 days.  The fact that many pumpers have gotten used to leaving it in 
much longer just means you are going against medical advice.  (Whether 
that advice is valid or not is another discussion).

For those who use more than 50 units/day, the Paradigm is sort of 
enforcing that requirement for you.  While I don't think that was MM's 
intention, it is a perfectly valid reason NOT to completely redesign 
the pump again to support more than 176 units.  (Likely they will, 
however, within a few years due to customer complaints.)

Let's all chill, people!  It seems that we have nothing better to do 
than sit around complaining about improvements the pump companies 
(including MM) are trying to do to make our lives easier and better.  
So WHAT if Deltec has a pump that does stuff similar to the 512...that 
doesn't negate the advances that MM has made in THEIR pump. I mean, 
look around.  Everywhere you look companies advertise features that 
exist in competitor's products.  It is the nature of a free-market.  
And, the marketing is NOT really aimed primarily at US, pump users, but 
at the rest of the diabetic community who has yet to switch to pump 
therapy.  MM, after all, wants more $6000 customers, not $450 customers.

I'm not just defending MM here because it is "my" pump company.  But, I 
do find it odd that people on this list have it "out" for MM far more 
than any other company, despite the fact that they have the vast 
majority of the market.

I'd like to challenge people to an old addage:  If you don't have 
anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!  :-)
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