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Re: [IP] taught myself a lesson- no more insulin

> I my pump died a week ago and I had to be without it
> for a day until the refurb one arrived the next
> morning.  I should think that you will do well by
> testing and really staying on top of things.  My
> downfall was the fact that I had no Lantus on hand and
> no active Rx at the pharmacy. 

You do not need lantus or any other long term insulin. Lily has gone 
as long as 3 days on regular while waiting for a replacement pump. 
she shoots regular into her set every 4 hours or so to cover basal 
needs and "boluses" through her set with fast acting insulin for 
meals and snacks. BG's stay the same (better actually, she's more 
careful) and there are no shots. You must be careful not to insert 
the needle too far into the set attachment as it is possible to 
puncture the inner tubing. I'd suggest that if you use this method 
that you practice on a set that is not attached to you first.

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