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Re: [IP] Diabetes funk (long)

>  Is it a wise thing not to change the site.

One never knows when an infection will choose you & cause big problems.  It is
trial & err on when you should change sites.  Some can go 11/2 days, some 6.
51/4 days is my record as my sites remind me they need changing as tape loosens
by 3-5 days (most often.:)
 As I understand it, Disetronic tubing (such as comes with Ultraflex) is the
tubing approved for 6 day use.  I use Ultraflexes, I change tubing with my
site.  Sites I use, come all together.
 I change the site if there is a problem--high Bgs, creeping up Bgs when I
cartridges, tape is coming unstuck, it is the 3rd day since last changing site
when I change cartridge (sometimes site is working fine, am in hurry, change
cartridge, reprime and go, site change after shower that night.)
Yes, there are times I am sweaty & grubby so use soap & water on area, drying
well, or alcohol pad before putting in new site.  Linda K
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