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Re: [IP] taught myself a lesson- no more insulin

Hi everyone

I just did something stupid.    I forgot to get my refill of insulin.  So I 
let my pump go bone dry, get ready to change the site and refill, pull 
 everything out. Go to the fridge, and all I have is Lantus, no NOVOLOG. I
the fridge, did not have any.  All I have is plenty of Humalog pens.  So I 
 call my dr. to get a refill, of course I could of probably went to the office
picked up a vial of Novolog.  But I decided to teach myself a lesson.   I'm 
going to wait till my prescription is ready, which is this afternoon.  Enjoy 
the fact the pump is not connected to me.  Test several times and just use the 
 pens, since I have them anyway, they need to be used up, , the reason I'm doing
this is too see how well I can manage without the pump, since I'm so stinkin 
dependent on it, because I'm always the first to say, if for any reason one 
 must get off the pump, and one is so use to bolus for whatever one eats, how
and how will one manage without it,  well , I will let everyone know how I do 
today.   Lesson learned, always check to see if there is the correct insulin 
in the fridge.  
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