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RE: [IP] Diabetes funk (long)

Hi Natasha,
I've been pumping for about 7 months, 6 with the HTron and 1 with the DTron.
I don't change anything that doesn't need to be changed. When the reservoir
is empty I refill or change and fill. When the site gets a little itchy,
generally about 5 days I change it. The disetronic tenders I use come with
one set of tubing for 2 cannulas'.  So the tubing is used for at least 2
sites and sometimes more. About the only thing I haven't done is follow the
original instructions I was given which was to change everything every 3
days. YMMV

I have another ?. Is it a wise thing not to change the site.  Okay let me
 rephrase the ?, is it no big deal, and what are some of the reasons not to
the tubing, just wondering, because I change it all, and I don't know anyone
personally that is pumping, so I'm just looking for why's and how's and do's
and don'ts, that's all.

dxd 17, 1987, pumping since 11/02.
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