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[IP] Re: Paradigm "upgradable"

At 4:22 PM -0400 7/10/03, Ryan Bruner wrote:

>  >>   also noticed that it has 0.05 increments.
>>So how do they do that with new software???   I would think that
>>would be a mechanical thing.
>The Paradigm 511 is capable, from a mechanical standpoint, of
>delivering .05 increments as well...but it wasn't enabled in the
>software to support doing so.  (Don't ask me why...I'm just saying that
>they didn't support it.)
>The following is a quote from diabetesnet.com:
>"The Paradigm motor was designed to deliver U-200 insulin, so a simple
>software change would allow it to deliver 0.05 unit basal increments. "

That seems bass-ackwards.  If you infuse 1 ul (micro-liter) of U-200, 
then you've gotten 2 units of insulin.  If you infuse 0.25 ul of 
U-200 insulin you've gotten 0.05 units.  But there never was such a 
thing as U-200.   They do have the U-50 settings in the Paradigm, and 
with that insulin (which should be relatively easy to formulate with 
the proper diluent) you could get a 0.05 basal rate.  Does this mean 
that the 512 cartridge will only hold 88 units now of U-50 insulin?

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