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RE: [IP] MM Infusion sets

Caoilte wrote:

I know I want the Quick Release, so it's down to the Quick-Set, Soft-
Set, or the Sillhouette? I know the Quick Release already has the 
sticky stuff (so you don't have to use tape?)

My experience with the different sets was this:  I started with the
Soft-Sets, which my CDE recommended because she found beginners were
more comfortable with the inserter (now the silhouettes have a 'serter,
but at the time they didn't).  I had problems with the Soft-Sets staying
in even when I used tape over them and did the safety-loop thing, which
also involved tape.  Something about the shape of the 'button' at the
top of the set and the extra tubing involved in the looping process
seemed to attract fingers and clothes, and the disconnect mechanism also
involved more manipulation that resulted in sets coming out before I
meant them to.

I finally asked for and tried the silhouettes, and these have worked
much better for _me_.  I use them with IV prep, and the sites stay stuck
properly for the whole 3 days.  I don't need any tape over them or the
safety loop, and I like the fact that I can control the depth they go
in.  I also believe (but don't scientifically know) that the longer
amount of Teflon cannula that stays under your skin also helps anchor
the set and helps it stay where it belongs.

I can detach and re-attach these with one hand (I'm right-handed and I
put them in right-handed, with the tubing pointing off to the right)
which is convenient for me.  If you can, I'd experiment with the
different attachment/detachment mechanisms and see what works better for
you.  Sometimes CDEs have extra sets for training purposes that you can
practice with to help you decide, or perhaps the pump company would send
you a few samples.

Mostly, this is a YMMV thing.  Remember that you can change to a
different kind of set relatively easily -- sure, you have to use up the
ones you have when you order a different type, but it's not a huge deal
to change your mind (not like deciding you'd prefer a completely
different pump several months into it)

Hope this helps, it's just what my experience has been.
Congratulations on making the decision to pump -- I've found it
extremely liberating and think you will too no matter which kind of set
you decide upon.

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen
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