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Re: [IP] graves disease

I perhaps was not clear in my first note.

I was diagnosed with the graves disease.  Had the thyroid zap out, with 
Iodine treatment.  Now I have been taking synthryoid medication ever since.   

When I was diagnosed, I was gaining weight at the time, and ever since I blew 

I do pump.  And my doctor just 2 days ago, told me, to tweak with my basals, 
so I don't have so many lows, so that's what I been doing, and unfortunately I 
have woke up with very highs, over 200, when I usually am in the low 50-70 
range.  So I have to play with it, till I get it just right.  I made another 
 adjustment last nite and this morning I was 147, and I was not happy, but
in the right direction.  

I do enjoy all the suggestions and reminders, thank you to all who have 
responded to my pleas.  Keep them coming. 

Birmingham, AL
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