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[IP] graves disease

Ms tasha wrote:
> I have gained a total of 80lbs additional lbs since being diagnosed 
> 16 years ago with diabetes and 12 years ago with the Thyroid 
> problem ever since I have gradually gained plus I have 3 kids.  

Graves disease (hyperthyroidism) will cause you to LOSE weight, not gain it.  
It is an excess production of the thyroid hormone which raises your 
 metabolism and causes your heart to beat fast. Your eyes may bug out a little
Barbara Bush), you may be very nervous and twitchy a lot of the time and there 
are some very serious complications associated with it...Truly, your 
afterburners are on HIGH all the time and your body is not built to take it.  

I was diagnosed with it my senior year in high school (1981).  I was told 
that I would be unable to concentrate in school and that kids my age with the 
disease tended to flunk out...they also told me I was not going to be able to 
take my summer backbacking trip across Europe due to the heart and white blood 
 cell problems. That was the first time I walked out of a doctors office (was
the last).  My mom found a "real" doctor who put me on medicine called PTU 
(propathyrauricil??sp). I graduated in the top 20% of my high school, went to 
 Europe for 8 weeks (alone), and maintained a 3.6 GPA my first year of college.
I took the drug for one year, and then it went into remission.  

Last year, 22 years later, I was diagnosed with the opposite, hypothyroidism. 
 The thyroid is not putting out enough hormone to keep the metabolism 
 up...you gain weight, your heart rate slows down (which is not a BAD thing),
other affects...

Both are endocrine disorders commonly associated with diabetes....My doctor 
says most of his peers bemoan the fact that they get the toughest endocrine 
disease to treat (diabetes), but "at least" they also get the easiest 
 (hypothyroid). It is a simple blood test to see if you need to take synthroid.

Not only is it common in diabetics, but also in woman, i thnk particularly of 
mediterranean/european descent, and has very strong heriditary links....if 
your mom or sister has it.....get checked...

Are you pumping?  are you perhaps over-insulinating yourself a tiny bit, 
 meaning keeping yourself lower than you ought to, so you need to eat UP to your
insulin?  You might try sneaking your basals down a little at a time (talk to 
 your doctor). If you are eating a healthy diet and getting a moderate amount of
exercise, then this "could" be the reason if a low thyroid has been ruled 
out...I scoffed at my CDE when she told me this.  "My basals are damn near 
 PERFECT" i told her, but she insisted i try....so i lowered the ones we talked
and sure enough...i DID need less insulin....I was more accurate with my 
 boluses...instead of a nice round 3.0 units...i would do the math and come up
2.7 units...that extra .3 units was more than i needed, caused me to go 
 lower, which made me eat more...which made me take more insulin, which made me

Good luck....

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