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Re: [IP] overweight and Diabetic

I just had my thyroid checked.  It's fine.  I take .175 mgs of synthyroid.

I have tried weight watchers, and the calorie king thing.

My doctor told me, he was concerned with my tight control because of so many 
lows, and he said to adjust my basals so I can avoid the lows, because that of 
course, just adds calories to any one's meals.  So I'm working on adjusting 
the basals.  

I'm going to watch my intake, and get back to the gym.  but it's hard with 3 
kids, ages 9, 5, 4.  all wanting pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, ice cream, steak, 
chicken, in almost one meal, my kids are eating machines, constantly eating 
and drinking, perhaps I need to leave the house, go somewhere where they cant' 
get too food.  And I need to get back to the gym.  

It's tough. 
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