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[IP] new study being done

thought "some" of you might appreciate some of the research going on towards 
a TRULY closed loop system...

my friend Julie is taking part in this study being conducted by Dr. Frank 
Doyle at UCSB (go gauchos).  If you do a google search on him you find some 
 pretty interesting things he has been working on, diabetes-wise, but here is
one he is doing at UCSB (in Julie's words):

"He [Doyle] has developed a new algorhythm for the pump, but he's 
only tested it on a computer. We are a group of humans it's going to be 
tested on. They wanted to control our food, so they have a chef preparing 
our food for 10 weeks. Free and delivered to our door 1x/week. We have to 
test 10 times per day, modem the stuff into them, meet with the doctor 
once/week, and I think that's it. Oh yeh, we get paid $25/day, SNIP"

That algorhythm, as I understand it, is what is keeping a TRUE closed loop 
system from being on the market, we can implant pumps, we can wear continuous 
glucose sensors that talk to the implanted pumps, but the CALUCLUS required to 
keep human intervention out of the equation is what seems to be the 
 problem......I can do the simple adding and multiplication arithmatic needed
for now....

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