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[IP] Re: Paradigm "upgradable"

>Your points are well taken, but what we don't (and probably never 
>will) know is how much of the system resources of the 511 are 
>used.  The code for the wizards and the other new features of the 512 
>are going to require a signigicant (as far as embedded systems go) 
>amount of storage. 

Actually, I doubt that's the case.  Based on my own experience writing 
code that does the very calculations that the new Paradigm will do 
(actually, my code does more), I would guess that the entire increase 
in memory usage would be far less than 10k...likely closer to 5k or 
less.  Storage of preferences and settings will definitely be less than 
1k, and the code itself isn't much.  System resources really aren't 
increased for the RF functionality with the meter, since the RF code is 
already in the 511 in order to support the remote.  The only additional 
code there is how to differentiate the signal and data, which doesn't 
take much at all. And, the 511's mechanism already supported .05 
increments in insulin delivery, but it wasn't enabled in the software.

> I hope that Medtronic had the foresight to build >the 
>511's with enough memory to handle future upgrades.  If that is indeed 
>the case, then $450 sounds like an awful lot of money to upgrade a 
>firmware image, which by my experience is a process that usually takes 
>less than two minutes.

Actually, given all of the testing and approvals that are necessary, 
$450 seems reasonable.  Testing alone can be costly, especially the 
amount of testing that would be necessary for a medical device, not to 
mention administrative costs for just handling the exchange.

Further information that supports the fact that the Paradigm 511 and 
512 are the same pump from a physical standpoint comes from MM's site 

1. They no longer even offer the 511.  The 512 is the only one 
2. The "Paradigm Pathway" program, which is how you upgrade your pump, 
says on MM's site, "Factory certified/exchanged 511 Paradigm pump with 
512 functionality."

Notice that it doesn't say you will receive a 512 pump, but will 
receive a certified/exchanged 511 pump with the 512 functionality.  
This means it is a software upgrade to the existing 511 pump instead of 
a brand-new 512 pump.


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