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Re: [IP] no prob pump

 email @ redacted writes:

> well i must say that my experience with the 506, as well as that of every 
> other pumper I knew at the time, was absolutely FLAWLESS on the technical 
> side...sure we still had sites go bad, and no delivery alarms due to 
> forgetting
> to
> refill the reservoir, but back then, in the olden days, it was alllllll
> sunshine
> and roses
> heheheheh
> Sara (who uses AOL 6 still because she is waiting from them to get the bugs 
> out of 7...no....it is 8 now...no wait...8a...dammit...now they just 
> released 
> 9...my poor little windows 95 computer is just gonna EXPLODE!!

Boy oh boy do I wish I could say that about the 506 i had in 1992 then the 
507 and 507c.

I had countless problems with ALL three of them. Im talking problems ALL the 
time!  I remember being in Hawaii one time and being on the phone with MM in 
 the middle of the night trying to solve the problem. I always had problems with
the motor. I hated those pumps! It was far from sunshine and roses! It was 
NOT FLAWLESS on the technical side.

I  rarely had no delivery alarms, always had bad sites ( i got infections in 
a matter of seconds from insertion)

This just goes to show that what works for one doesn't work for others. as 
usual YMMV

I wish I had the experience that Sara has had with her trusty 506, but I did 
not. I went through replacement pump after replacement pump. It wasnt just one 
pump that continuely had problems.

Oh well, Im now on the Paradigm (511) and have loved every second of it! 

dxd age7 1988 pumping 1992
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