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[IP] Re: Paradigm 512

Dwayne Wrote:
What you are seeing is a common practice. When you have
a product that is not performing as expected, come out with a new upgraded

While I respect your opinion I do disagree. Deltec came out with the Cozmo
within the past year. They then announce the Cozmore. The Cozmore
integrated system is a great idea. And guess what, they beat MiniMed to the
punch with the announcement. In fact, I think it is a better integrated
system than the 512. I really think that the 512 is MiniMeds answer to the
Cozmore announcement. Funny, I don't recall Deltec getting slammed on this
list as much as MiniMed has when they made there announcement of the
Cozmore. Now keep this in mind also, the Cozmore won't be ready for
consumers until Jan. 04 but they made the announcement early this year. Do
you suppose they did this because they knew Minimed was coming out with the
512? I mean why on earth would I show my cards before I am ready to deliver
the product? If it wasn't for research and development, trial and error and
advancement, and let's not forget good old competition, not only would this
list fail to exist, none of us would be pumping and a majority of us would
be dead from this disease.
Bravo to all of the pump manufactures who are coming out with new products.
This doesn't mean that we have to use them, but for those that choose to it
may help prolong there stay on this earth and make life a little easier.

Michael Chambers
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