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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm "upgradable"

   Your points are well taken, but what we don't (and probably never 
will) know is how much of the system resources of the 511 are currently 
used.  The code for the wizards and the other new features of the 512 
are going to require a signigicant (as far as embedded systems go) 
amount of storage.  I hope that Medtronic had the foresight to build the 
511's with enough memory to handle future upgrades.  If that is indeed 
the case, then $450 sounds like an awful lot of money to upgrade a 
firmware image, which by my experience is a process that usually takes 
less than two minutes.

   Please don't get me wrong on this thread, I'm not trying to bash 
Medtronic.  The propeller-headed geek in me is just trying to figure out 
how the upgrade procedure is going to work.  The way I see it there are 
two possible methodologies:

1:  Existing 511's get new guts and a new nameplate.  The $450 covers 
the cost of  admin and manufacturing of the new circuit boards.  R&D 
costs get rolled-in to revenue generated by new pump sales.

2:  Existing 511's get firmware upgrade and a new nameplate.  The $450 
goes to cover the admin costs and R&D.

  Perhaps someone from Medtronic could post to the group and clear the 

Bob, pumping with the DTron+, 2/2003

Ryan Bruner wrote:

>I hate to sound disagreeable...but the features that they have added 
>take VERY VERY little extra RAM or CPU usage.  I'm a Software Engineer 
>for embedded systems by profession.  From what I've read about the new 
>pump, there really isn't that much additional needed that would take up 
>extra RAM.  As far as CPU power, the ONLy time the extra CPU time would 
>be needed is during the calculation itself.  Who cares if the 
>calculation takes .5 seconds instead of .1 seconds?!?
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