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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm "upgradable"


I hate to sound disagreeable...but the features that they have added 
take VERY VERY little extra RAM or CPU usage.  I'm a Software Engineer 
for embedded systems by profession.  From what I've read about the new 
pump, there really isn't that much additional needed that would take up 
extra RAM.  As far as CPU power, the ONLy time the extra CPU time would 
be needed is during the calculation itself.  Who cares if the 
calculation takes .5 seconds instead of .1 seconds?!?

The biggest issue for this upgrade, really, is just the software 
testing and FDA approvals needed to make "medical recommendations" 
through software for a medical device.  

They already said that for those who already have  a Paradigm 511, the 
upgrade is only $450.  Basically, I'm guessing that the Paradigm 512 is 
the same exact pump as the 511, essentially, but with the new 
software.  (It is common practice to give a new model number to a 
device that is identical to another with just a software change when it 
comes to electronic devices.)

>   Speaking as someone who works in the electronics industry,  I have 
>say that I doubt that current 511 users will be able to do a software 
>upgrade and turn their pumps into 512's.  The reason I say this is 
>all those added features are going to reqire  more CPU power, RAM, 
>, etc... 
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