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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm "upgradable"

   Speaking as someone who works in the electronics industry,  I have to 
say that I doubt that current 511 users will be able to do a software 
upgrade and turn their pumps into 512's.  The reason I say this is that 
all those added features are going to reqire  more CPU power, RAM, Flash 
, etc... 
   In 1965, Gordon Moore of Intel Corp. published a paper that stated 
that the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit would 
double every 18-24 months.  This has become known as "Moore's Law" and 
so far has proven be pretty accurate.  In 1974 the original Intel 8088 
processor (the chip upon which all PC class computers are based) 
contained about 5,000 transistors.  The current generation of Pentium 4 
processors contain 42,000,000 transistors!  So, it would  be reasonable 
to assume that although both pumps are similar on the outside and have 
similar user interfaces, they could  (and probably are) quite different 
on the inside.  
Bob,  pumping with the DTron+ since 3/2003

Ryan Bruner wrote:

>I'd like to point out that ALL of the features that are contained in 
>the new Paradigm 512 are simply SOFTWARE changes.  No hardware changes 
>are necessary.  
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