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[IP] Logimedix Chat

NOTE:  Logimedix is not paying me to say this...i have been using them for 
 the entire 10 1/2 years that i have been pumping (when they were operating
different names) and have never had a problem...

In case you missed it, we had a great chat tonight with Kathy and Janet from 
Logimedix, a provider of insulin pump needs, diabetes supplies and 
prescription medicines.....

Logimedix can handle just about everything you may need (diabetes-wise...they 
can't do a THING for my sex life) and their whole operation is fairly 

Right now it is an 800 number to call in.  They are hoping to be able to do 
on line orders and checking of order status on line soon....They also have a 
 national calendar that you can see what events are going on in your 'hood, or
you are a traveler, what is going on where you are headed (assuming you don't 
get trapped on a plane in some horrible city...)

They have a poster they can send your doctor or CDE that shows, in full 
 color, all the pumps and all the meters, so you can do visual compares right

Go check out their website at www.logimedix.com.  If you click on Register 
 and give them all your vital statistics, you might even get something FREE
hinted at the possibility in the chat....and you KNOW how we love our 

Diabetes sucks, but Logimedix seems to want to try and make the nuts and 
bolts a little smoother for us all...

Sara SP
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