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[IP] vitreous

laura wrote:
>so we don't need vitreous replaced.

just a little point, but they can NOT replace vitreous.  When they do a 
 vitrectomy, they go IN there...they suck all your vitreous out (it is kinda
clear jello), they laser the crap out of anything that looks suspicion, they 
 take out any scar tissue which might be pulling your retina, then they fill 'er
up with some kind of purified water...sew you up and put you on the subway to 
 go home.....your body eventually replaces the water with some bodily fluid, but
it ain't vitreous...If you are ever so fortunate as to bleed AGAIN after a 
vitrectomy, rather than sitting there in clumps and dots and schmears, it is 
 more diluted (so I ahve been told...i have not had subseuent bleeds from either
vitrectomy....yet...knock on wood.....)

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