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RE: [IP] transition from lantus to pump

I just started on the pump today and tempting though it may be, it is not a
very good idea to start without a trainer. My trainer started me out at a
certain basal rate this afternoon and I just called him because we needed to
drop the rate a bit. I could not in good faith recommend that anyone start a
pump without direction from a qualified trainer, no matter how tempting it
may be.


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Maria currently gets 4.5 units of Lantus per day (all in one nighttime
dose) and additional Humalog which averages another 3.5 units per day
spread out for meals, snacks, etc.  What would you give as a "guess" for
a starting basal rate?  Should the basal and bolus be in roughly the same
proportions as the Lantus and Humalog are now (at least as a starting
point)?  The CDE wants to just go 50/50, but since her Lantus is now more
than half, shouldn't the basal be more than half?

What worked well for you when you went off Lantus and on to the pump?
How did you make the transition?  Any thing that didn't work or that
worked great?

Our local pump trainers are all booked up for more than a month.  Any
ideas on how to get started on the pump sooner?  I don't think I can
stand to leave that thing in the box for all that time!


Mom to Maria (5) dxd 2/03
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