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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #380

Thanks for the reply..nicely done!
 In reference though to the magnetic field at the operators counsel. As a tech
positions a patient they have contact at the center of the magnet in an open MRI
(low field) and then s you leave the room the field strength lessens and outside
the room as long as its actively and passively shielded there is minimal
magnetic field as the room is shielded for magnetics and Radio frequencies that
would interfere with the data acquired.
 I have had my pump for 1 1/2 years and it works GREAT! used outside of the room
or at open door entrance.
So the pump/watches/pacemaker are all fine outside of the room
 In reference to vertical/horizontal this effect the magnetic flux line
(magnetic force) is aligned.....meaning some machines you can go in the room
with a wheelchair Ferrous and it wont be pulled on until you get right up to the
center on the whole**********Im trained in MRI so please dont go try it next
time you have a test cause I said so! I have many anesthesiologist get cocky
when I tell them they have to leave the sizzors out of the room and they reply
it didnt get sucked in last time. I tell them it al depends on how you place
your body by the magnet and I wont take the chance.
During two MRI sessions my pump was placed on a table that was very
close to the operator's station. I was ignorant and trusted their direction.
Nothing seemed to go wrong with my pump.
    MM has given their limiting number to Dawn-- 1000 gauss. To me the next
step would be to get the exposure number at the operators station from the
MRI's manufacturer or the installer. That figure had to be determined before
it was approved as a medical device. In addition, I vaguely recall these
imaging machines are periodically checked for safety ( in this state) and
these people would check the operators exposure.  Shielding may not be

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