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[IP] our patented Bolus Wizard calculator

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003 "Rabbi Hirsch Meisels"
<email @ redacted> 

From: Bob Stoll <email @ redacted>

  >>The really good bolus wizard will have a built-in infra-red scanner that
  >>you point at the food you are about to eat.  When activated, it will   
  >>identify the type and amount of food you have and then contact the
  >>central server via it's built-in encrypted wireless internet connection,

  >>where it will calculate the carb and fat content from it's vast database

  >>of all known food types.  It will then take a reading from my mood ring,

  >>where it will determine my stress level and apply an appropriate 
  >>multiplication factor.>>>

  >Should then download your activity level from, your pedometer to decide 
  >your insulin sensitivity at given time :-) Thanks for the good laugh.

OK: I spoke to the R&D people and found out the following

1] the second generation pump has an auto-fed lancet which comes out of the
side of the pump.  It will puncture the skin, allowing the user to do a
'painless' glucose test (since they didn't even have to think about the
lancet until after it had done it's damage) every 'n' minutes, 'n' times a
day, or at up to 12 preset times.

2] The pump will also come with a combination scale & thermal 'burn' unit
that will measure the weight of the food one is about to eat and calculate
it's carbohydrate content directly (by burning it).  It will also determine
whether to give a normal bolus, a square wave or a dual bolus (and the
length of time for said 'long' boluses) during the 'burning' process.  This
device is going to be small enough to fit into a pocket or a holder and will
actually be included in the NEXT generation pump.  (the pump will generate
it's own energy using the heat from the 'burn')

3] The pump will print out a daily and weekly 'advisory' to the user.  This
will include the blood glucose readings, food input, types of food, a
breakdown of the vitamin, mineral, simple and complex sugars as well as
overall fat content of the food eaten daily/weekly and a summary of 'how
well' one is doing as far as both getting under good control and eating the
'proper' diet.  Note that the user will have a choice of 'patterns' for this
analysis (mother, father, wife, doctor, dietician, nurse, child, one's own
conscious), permitting them to 'tune' the output for their own best reaction
to it.

4] The pump will automatically (via cell phone technology) email and/or fax
the weekly status report to the staions doctor.  This technology will be
'hidden' from the user, such that Minimed sets the doctor's email and phone
numbers and it can only be changed/updated by the factory with a written

5] The pump will also incorporate a basic version of quicken, in order to
ease the burden of buying diabetes supplies.
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