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[IP] Re: Paradigm "upgradable"

Someone was laughing at MM's claim that the Paradigm was the 
only "upgradable" pump.

I'd like to point out that ALL of the features that are contained in 
the new Paradigm 512 are simply SOFTWARE changes.  No hardware changes 
are necessary.  

The 511 pump already has the RF ability. It is what makes the remote 
work. The same RF receiver will work with the meter to receive the 
meter information.  Such a change does NOT require any change to the RF 
receiver, only the software for it.

The 512's bolus wizard, etc, also is only software enhancements to the 
current 511 interface.

Basically the $450 price tag to upgrade to the new Paradigm is really 
only a software upgrade.  Now, they MAY have made some changes to the 
512 hardware for other reasons...but all of the new features will work 
in the 511 pump as well, since it is just software.

And, the bolus wizard, etc., won't take up any noticable amount of 
battery power, since, again, it is software.  However, if you don't 
currently use the remote, then enabling the RF for the meter use WILL 
increase battery usage

I'm still flabberghasted at all the negativity about this 
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