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[IP] retinopathy SUC....er....ummm.....no, I HAD it right, IT


Karen writes:

>I'm a bit frustrated right now SNIP I have a blood vessel break 
> in my right eye, doc says go to Florida, relax, keep head propped up, 
> see if it clears up and call when we get back.  

Correct advise...there is NOTHING he can do, laserwise until the blood 
 clears....if you can't see OUT, he can't see in. Keeping your head propped up
you sleep, and not bending over can HELP the blood settle.  You will see it 
RISE to the top of your eye as it sinks.....(what you SEE IN your eye is 

> He also did advise me not to be alone in case something 
> happened to the left eye while I was there. 

oh phooey.....Are you going to live your life in FEAR that a plane will crash 
into your building or that you will get hit by a falling brick or that you 
will eat rancid chicken?  if so, then maybe someone SHOULD stay with you...but 
the more realistic approach would be to go about your life.....continue to 
 live....people do it with one eye ALLLL the time. IF the other eye bleeds too,
(and just cuz ONE does is NO indication the other will...Mine bled 5 YEARS 
apart)....but if it does, you pick up your phone and call someone to come over!

> We fly to Vegas and my eye seems to be getting better every day.  
> Yesterday morning it was about 95% cleared up.  Then last night I 
> got another bleeder in that same eye.  

I SO TOTALLY RELATE TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!  About the time it is clear enough for 
him to DO anything, it bleeds again.  This is the exact thing I went through 
for years...Refer  back to the archives in 1999 and 2000 for some  of my more 
poetic posts on the subject (some have extreme foul language in them so beware)

Yes, you PROBABLY should have gone to see him between the two trips, but you 
can't UNdo not seeing him, so relax....being stressed and upset "may" 
 encourgage more bleeders. keep your blood sugars WELL out of the low range as
can cause bleeders...I raised my bg target range to 100-150 when I learned 

So, try not to stress....I know that sounds stupid when you can't freaking 
SEE...it looks like a little black spider web, or lace across your eye...blobs 
and streaks....trust me, many of us KNOW what you are going through. It can 
affect your depth perception and cause headaches, and reading might be a 
 pain....just know there is NOTHING you or your doctor can do until it has
cleared a
little. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE 100% cleared for him to see....Keep your head 
 still, calm....If you shake it, or roll your eyes around, you can LITERALLY see
the swirls move....it is kinda fun when you are trapped at a boring board 
 meeting and having to sit through a really BAD production of As You LIke It,
stay still if you can, so that it is as settled as possible

Lemme know if you need a shoulder to scream into....been there...done 
that....it is Frustrating as ALL HELL

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