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[IP] upgradeable? HA Laughable maybe

Eloise writes:
> Her feedback was that MM'sParadigm is the only pump out 
> today that has the 'upgradeable' platform.Meaning you will be 
> able to upgrade and there will be no need to 'buy'outright another 
> pump to get upgrades now or ~2years from now.

Not to bite the messenger, but this MM rep is full of coached, learned, by 
the book crapola, in my opinion.  Has ANYONE (besides me and probably Wayne) 
ever looked at the bottom of a 508, OR a 507 for THAT matter, (the end to the 
LEFT of the screen as you are looking at it from the front) and seen a little 
plastic flap sort of thing that seems almost glued down, but isn't alllll the 
 way. Most people never even think about it, but IF you pry it up, (as some of
more curious people have done) you will see a little infra red beam 
 thingie...like on the tv remote control. THIS was supposed to allow us to send
 information to our computers...THIS was supposed to be able to BEAM info from a
 meter...sorta like a palm pilot...So, NOW, it is 5 generations LATER (507,
508, 511, 512), and they STILL need to come out with a NEW pump EVERY two 

So is this a NEW and improved BD meter? Or can we expect the same level on 
UNquality we get from the current ones?  As a friend of mine points out, it 
would probably be a good idea if they send a years supply of free strips too, 
 since this meter is NOTORIOUS for getting an error message.....I wonder if your
meter sends an ERROR message to the pump, then your pump will tell you NO 
 INSULIN....i guess if one can't do simple math, one might misconstrue this
as gospel and NOT take any insulin..I mean, one COULD conceiveably get LAZY if 
one KNOWS the meter is sending a message to the pump...i mean why BOTHER 
looking at the meter anymore if you aren't gonna be doing the math....

But here we are......eager little laboratory animals...donating our bodies 
 (and our minds) to Medtronic so they can EXPERIMENT on us with something that
literally NO different than anything else....hell, most studies I participate 
in PAY ME, not the other way around!!! 

But go on....get the upgrade...god knows the economy can use it...and my 
 dad's Medtronic stock will surely enjoy it,...Personally I think Medtronic
us Minimed share holders when they bought us out for $48/share, but that is 
another story...

Sara SP
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