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[IP] question about retinapothy

Ok, I'm a bit frustrated right now and do not understand what is going on 
with my eyes.  I see a Retina specialist, have an appointment the end of this 
month, but will be calling him next week when I get back home.  
Here's what happened.  Mid June, time for our family vacation to Florida, we 
drive from St. Louis every year after school is out for this.  So, 2 days 
 before we leave I have a blood vessel break in my right eye, I call the doc, he
says go to Florida, relax, keep head propped up, see if it clears up and call 
when we get back.  He also did advise me not to be alone in case something 
 happened to the left eye while I was there. OK, Florida is ok, get home, seems
be getting better.  Time to pack for our second vacation to Vegas.  We fly to 
Vegas and my eye seems to be getting better every day.  Yesterday morning it 
was about 95% cleared up.  Then last night I got another bleeder in that same 
eye.  This is the cause of my frustration.  It is very dry and very HOT here 
(112 +).  I'm guessing now I should have gone and seen him in between the 2 
trips, a little late for that now.  How concerned should I be?  
On another note, the Vegas heat hasn't hurt my Novolog, of course, I try to 
spend as much time as possible in shade or air conditioning.  We did take a 
drive out to "Valley of Fire", a desert state park, and I didn't know it could 
get hot like that anywhere on earth, am thinking we actually visited...uh.... 
 Hades :-). But the Novolog is still working. Blood Sugars are anywhere between
120 and 150 through out the day at random checks.  And I love the freedom of 
the pump, the Vegas buffets have gotten so much better and we don't always 
have time to eat 3 times a day.  I LOVE my pump!
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