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[IP] filling cartridges from insulin pen

I just wanted to thank the people who wrote in a week ago to give me
suggestions re filling my animas cartridges from some Humalog pens I had.  I
figured the one that made the most sense was the person who told me to just
shoot the contents from the pen (in the max. units allowable per time) into an
empty insulin vial - then fill the cartridge from the vial.  This gave me the
idea (light bulb) that why didn't I just do this same thought but shoot the
insulin from the pen right into the cartridge.  So, I put a needle on the pen,
dialed it up for the max. units, and then shot that insulin directly into the
small opening at the end of the cartridge (the one you would normally screw
the needle onto to fill the cartridge).  This worked great and was very easy
(why didn't I think of it before??).  Only took me about five times to empty
the pen and fill the cartridge.  So - for anyone else wanting to do this - it
worked very easy.  THANKS to the person who suggested filling the empty vial
as that gave me this idea.  I still have five more full pens so I am very glad
to get them used up this way and not let them go to waste!
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