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Re: [IP] Future Victims of Pump Failure

On Tue, 08 Jul 2003 21:53:47 -0700, Liz Davis replied:

 >> (snip)
Anyway, the pump doesn't magically come up with these numbers; it just 
the math.  You have to program it first with your insulin to high bg 
insulin to carb ratio, insulin duration, target bg range, and
basals.  Plus, you still have to do the carb counting.  Once you've 
all that out, I think you've been pretty well educated. >>

My point is that although some will be adequately trained, some others 
won't. It would be very easy for an incompetant  trainer to suggest 
some of the numbers for set up. Unless the pumper has occasion to 
**use** the numbers on a daily basis, the pumper is unlikely to retain 
any understanding of what's going on. And they will not be using the 
numbers on a daily basis because the numbers were entered once and then 
left in the pump's memory. The more someone relies on the numbers they 
have put into the pump, to be held in the pump and reused day after 
day, the less well educated they will really be, and probably incapable 
of handling an abnormal event like a pump failure.

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