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[IP] MM's Paradigm 512

Hello IP and PoP,

I talked to my MM rep this morning.  She thought my pump look fin but
insisted I did a test by submerging it in water to see if any water goes in
since either way I have the new pump with me already.  The engineer in me
loves the idea of an experiment, so I will be setting it up tonight.  I
changed to the new (unnamed)pump this morning.  She recommended either way
that I keep the new one since it has been updated and since it was shipped
after Jan 2003 it will be pathway ready for upgrades if I wanted.

I asked her if she had the 512 already since she is a pumper and she wear
the 511 long before it was available to the public.  She said she did not
have yet but will be getting it  soon.  She asked me how I had heard about
it.  I said throught this wonderful site [IP].  Then she asked if I knew how
much it would be to 'upgrade.'  I said ~$450.  She asked if I would do the
upgrade and I said I did NOT think so since it seemed like too much money.
For me the math is not too complicated and I see no purpose in spending that
kind of money for it when I am fine with my 511's features (not to mentioned
I just spent $80 on my Ultra Smart Meter.)  She asked what about if it was
$100-150, would you upgrade then?  I said Yes for $100-$150 I 'might' do it
but definitely not for $500 (THAT IS A VACATION RIGHT THERE.)

She said, she had a call with HQs on Friday and that she would bring it
(feedback on the 'nominal fee' being too high) up.  

I say, lets write to MM (those interested off course) and tell them that it
sounds great but that $450 is just too much.  They might reconsider and make
it lower.  If you think about it, it is just a matter of margins.  It is not
a HW change in most pumps but a SW upgrade.  I know they have to recoup
their investment on the research and development but maybe they are willing
to reduce that margin.  

She also asked what people said about it.  I told her that some people were
happy and interested but that others were pretty much saying that all the
features mentioned (except for the wireless meter connection) were already
part of the Cozmo pump - not so new and drastic.  Her feedback was that MM's
Paradigm is the only pump out today that has the 'upgradeable' platform.
Meaning you will be able to upgrade and there will be no need to 'buy'
outright another pump to get upgrades now or ~2years from now.

I told her she should subscribe to this list since she would get a lot
insight and feedback on their product.  Unfortunately, she is the regional
manager and by the time she gets home at night has >200e-mails and would not
be able to 'keep-up' with it.

Well, that is all I had to report.

If I talked to her before Friday, I will mention one of the comments I read
today regarding any advancement on the continuous glucose meter - Where are
they?  What are the plans/roadmap for that product?

Eloisa and her unnamed Paradigm 511
Bombita (original 511) will be taking a plunge overnight and then it will be
back to her homeland (MM's offices in CA :o)
Dx'd T1 2/11/02 Pumping 6/02
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