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[IP] at my age?

Sara, It is curious that this CGS has moved into the back seat, isn't 
it. Guess it's hard to hype an old dog.
  What amazes me is how they can expect people who can't add/subtract 
2 digit numbers or multiply by single digit numbers, to be able to 
operate an insulin pump, with all its application and usage 
subtleties.  Maybe the FDA should have approved a new MM course Pump 
Arithmetic 101, which would perhaps be more effective than the new 
wireless gizmo.

<<<<<<< i am quite aware of the two (2) primary advances
  made since the days of Banting and Best...1) there are more precise 
ways to get
the insulin into our bodies and 2) we can now measure our blood to see if the
insulin is working....
my question is why has Minimed all but dropped the continuous glucose sensor
from the radar??  I thought a consumer version was in the works, where is the
one you can wear all the time??
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