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[IP] Peoria

Laurie wrote:
>I take this comment about landing in Peoria very personal.  
> I live in Peoria and I truly don't find a plane delay in Peoria horrible 

sigh....as USUAL my words are twisted and warped.  I did not say landing in 
Peoria would be horrible.  My exact wording was:

> sending a message to the evil Axis so they can track my 
> plane to Duluth and maybe take control of us and force us to 
>land in Peoria instead)" 

if YOU got on a plane in Peoria, destined to ANYWHERE and then for whatever 
national or mechanical emergency they decide to invoke, hold your plane on the 
runway (don't scoff...this happens FREQUENTLY).  They will not pull back up to 
the gate cuz chances are another plane has already pulled in, so this means 
 you SIT there........2 hours later, are you telling me you STILL would not find
a delay in Peoria a horrible thing?  You can't use your cell phone or your 
 game boy or even your pam pilot while the doors are closed, and they won't
out the soda and juice, in case a window of opportunity to take off arises, 
so you have to hope your basals are set right and you brought enough snacks. 

AND, what if you had the new MNMD pump (with its associated $25 meter) and 
you were not allowed to transmit your bg values to your pump that whole 
 time...please tell me even THEN that a delay in Peoria (or anywhere else) would
NOT be

For the record I did NOT say being trapped in Peoria would be a horrible 
thing....All in all, I'd rather be in Finale Ligure, but that is another story

Sara SP
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