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[IP] bells and whistles

laura wrote:
:>I'm just not sure they can replace thinking, self-education, and 
> understanding the ever-changing body, and I hope they will be 
> appropriately marketed and carefully used.

well written

wishful thinking in the last line....but a nice idea :-)

i hafta tell ya...the greatest advance in the 508 from the 507 is the 
VIBRATER....well I guess it is really just a VIBRATE alarm....but placed 
 strategically in the right pocket...baby oh baby...who says diabetes isn't a
thrill a

people whined and complained about how LOUD the alarms were, so MNMD comes up 
the vibrate mode....so now people whine and complain about doing math....and 
they figure out a way to take care of that for us too.....i just wonder how 
 many batteries this will use up...I am sure Everready and Energizer have a
in this venture...

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