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[IP] at my age?

jimb writes:
> Sarah, todays advancements are exponentional, at your age i 
> think you will see great and unimanagible improvements in the way 
> in which the D is controlled. 

at my age?  do you have any idea how old I am???  :-)  For the record, my 
great aunt died at age 7 in 1922 before insulin made it out to the farm they 
 lived on in south louisiana....having been diagnosed in the days when you still
 had to pee in a cup to measure your sugar, and where we used the "exchange
to figure out our meals, i am quite aware of the two (2) primary advances 
 made since the days of Banting and Best...1) there are more precise ways to get
the insulin into our bodies and 2) we can now measure our blood to see if the 
insulin is working....

Other than those two things, I  don't see that many changes..I know PLENTY Of 
diabetics who have been insulin dependant for 50 or more years and maintained 
great control even in those PRE pump, boil your syringe and sharpen your 
 needle on a stone days! i am sure todays newly diagnosed diabetics have no idea
wht a 24 gauge needle feels like, or what Tes-Tape is.  I don't need a new and 
better pump and meter to "control" my diabetes.  I will be perfectly happy to 
wait until they can PERFECT the closed loop system...like i said before, the 
only way we can have perfect blood sugar is if we are not diabetic and I have 
too much fun and joy in my life to worry 24/7 about my blood sugar.  

my question is why has Minimed all but dropped the continuous glucose sensor 
from the radar??  I thought a consumer version was in the workds, where is the 
one you can wear all the time??  THIS is where they will find the closed loop 
system...NOT in a wireless communication device THAT IS NOT GOING TO BE 
 ALLOWED ON AN AIRPLANE....LOL.....you think it is tough getting through
now?  "what is this, sir" "Oh, it is merely a glucose meter that beams a 
 wireless communication to my (implanted of course) insulin pump (and the meter
 also, by the way, capble of sending a message to the evil Axis so they can
my plane to Duluth and maybe take control of us and force us to land in Peoria 
instead)" "well, you will have to keep that in your carry on bag for the 
duration of this 6 HOUR flight...."  HAHAHAHAHAHAH  good one!!

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