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Re: [IP] 512/Cozmonitor/EZ Manager/InSight

On 8 Jul 2003 at 19:16, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:

> In a message dated 7/8/03 5:58:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> > ALL the features MiniMed is talking about (except for the
> > communication with a blood glucose monitor) are already in Cozmo,
> > which is on the market TODAY. I would respond to this person saying
> > MiniMed doesn't have anything until they can fill orders - how long
> > was the shipment of the original Paradigm delayed? 12 months? or was
> > it longer?
> I thought the issue under discussion was the "marriage" of a pump and
> a meter -- which MM has TODAY and Deltec does not. Deltec *announced*
> last month that it *will* have something. MM waited until it had
> approval before making an announcement.
> Jan and ElvisToo

 If we can discuss "marriage", can we also talk about an "engagement"? I mean
there is
 the IR "engagement" that the Animas IR1000 has with their EZ Manager system
that also
 takes in data from Therasense, Lifescan and Bayer meters. So Medtronic saying
they are
 the "first" leaves one to question "first at what?" All the companies are in
the process of
 integrating the different pieces that go into our own diabetes management, I
don't really
think that one company "leads the way"     YMMV

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