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[IP] Re: bells and whistles

>I respectfully disagree that the 507C has no bells and whistles. When I had
>my 2nd (nameless) CPI/Lilly pump - A Betatron II 9200 - the DE (no CDEs
>then) didn't promote it to other patients as they would not use all those
>bells and whistles which included - Delay-Until Hold, 10-hr. alarm if not
>used during that time, supplemental bolus (more, not less), and perhaps a
>few others. I felt the patients should have a choice and not have the Eugly
>pump foisted on them.
>But my 507C has dual/square wave feature that my (nameless) 506 did not; it
>has the last 7 boluses, the last 7 TDDs, a potential of 48 diff. basal
>rates, it can be read for problems and totals with a computer port a dr.
>has,  and probably some others. I think that is far more sophisticated with
>bells and whistles than the whole-unit-only and one-basal-only first two
>pumps I had. YMMV (~_^)

I stand corrected by Jan who has seen pumps since their infancy. Thank 
you--you're absolutely right! Yes indeed, the MM507C has lots of amazing 
delivery features that I'm very grateful for every day. Thank goodness they 
invented the pump and didn't stop with the first generation! But I am fond 
of my slightly old pump because it works great, I'm never on the phone to 
Medtronic, and it sticks to delivering insulin and does it well. My next 
pump will deliver insulin well too, maybe even better. What I was thinking 
of as, well, bells or whistles, were the non-pumping activities like 
wireless transmission and independent calculation. More impressive 
inventions! I'm just not sure they can replace thinking, self-education, 
and understanding the ever-changing body, and I hope they will be 
appropriately marketed and carefully used.

Laura G
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