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[IP] pump shopping

Hi folks,
I have been on the list nearly 4 years, but very off and on.  Such good
advice here, always.  Forgive me if I'm asking things you've covered
recently, but my pump is wearing out.  It's a Minimed 507c, just out of
warranty this month.  I'm trying to figure out which one to replace it with.
I've visited the comparison chart site:
and gone from there to exploring the manufacturers' sites.  I had just about
decided on the D-tron but--Shock!  Disetronic sent me a polite but vague
letter saying they weren't selling pumps in the US any more.  Does anyone
know what gives? 
And does anyone have the new Paradigm yet?
I'm tempted to go with the 508 since I've liked my 507C so much, and I'd
like the remote.  The reports of problems with the old Paradigm worry me a
bit--I wonder if they were corrected with the new one.  But then there's the
Animas--I like the longer battery life, but I've no experience with it.
I'd welcome any arguments for or against any of the pumps--also curious
about the Disetronic thing.
Many thanks,
dx 33 long years ago
pumping 4 years
(not counting the 2 years I had an old Lifescan pump eons ago)
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