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Re: [IP] THE PARADIGM SYSTEM is a first step toward developing an artificial pancreas.


todays advancements are exponentional, at your age i think you will see
great and unimanagible
improvements in the way in which the D is controlled. Implants, smart
pumps, some device that
eliminates the need to test and does it all day long, you just look at your
(watch) whatever.

As for a cure, i'm not sure. 

Live long,


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>I think this is awesome news.  The more technology we have the better.
>Look in the past 50 years were technology has gotten us.
>I will not complain about anything more advanced than what we have now.  If
>we all accept what we have and would not want more technology, we
>would have very little to look forward to with this disease.  I have had D
>for over 20 years and I am ready for any advancements that may come.
>I am still one of the few that still hopes and believes that one day there
>will be a cure.  One step at a time though.
>Yes we already have the cozmo but like someone else said the more companies
>that come out with things like this will just benefit us in the long run.
>With this disease and being in my late 20's it is very hard to look forward
>to my future, but with advancements like this I think it makes things look
>a whole lot better!!!!!
>Just my opinion.  Thought I would write something positive.  What a change
>around here!!!!!
>Sarah Roscoe
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