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Re: [IP] our patented Bolus Wizard calculator

In a message dated 7/8/2003 9:47:28 AM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> you still have to guess the carbs...... (is there anything tougher)??
> all it does, is your formula

I say that this is great (the new 512) for the right people. For me.... I say 
the more bells and whistles, the more stuff to go wrong. Thank you, but I 
love my 507C, though I think I would love the remote function of the 508.

Personally, this is what I think.......
We were a healthy race, walking to school, working on the farm, and if we 
wanted to talk with a neighbor, we got on our horse (after catching it), or 
 walked over to visit. Then came cars, and telephones, then television. Next
remotes so we didn't have to strain the body with getting up to change the 
 channel. Escalators and elevators, so we didn't have to get a little sweaty and
 actually do some "work". Now we have portable phones, so we don't have to get
our fat behinds to talk with the neighbor, and we have cell phones, so we 
 don't have to talk face to face, and we can concentrate on 5 other things at
time, not giving out entire attention to our friends. Where is all this going?
We now have children and teens who cannot add  or multiply. I know, I have 
 seen them when working in a teen youth shelter. They are much more interested
instant messaging and the brand of jeans they are wearing and wondering about 
what body part they should pierce next. If they have to do math, they use a 
calculator, to heck with using the brain.

I feel that all these conviences are great, at the right time and right 
place. Cell phones are great when the car slides into a ditch at 9pm on an icy 
 highway (I live in Alaska and that is the main reason I carry a cell). Some
definitely have problems with math, can't do stairs, have mobility issues 
that make TV remotes and portable phones a great assistance for them. 

But I disagree that every child with diabetes needs the 512 pump. Let them 
 learn the basics first. Who knows what the future will hold and knowing how to
think, add and reason is important. Not to be a fatalist, but we may get hit 
with an EMP weapon tomorrow (Electro Magnetic Pulse, which destroys 
electronics), and all end up back on MDI for a while. 

Ok, just my two cents worth. Electronic toys and pump advances are great and 
a major plus for those who absolutely need the extra help. I do understand 
 that this is a step towards a closed loop system, but let me know when they get
there, I would be much more interested. Until then, I will continue to do the 
math. It keeps me sharp, focused on my health and what I am eating/doing. It 
keeps me in touch with my body. 

Thanks you for attending and reading to today's lecture. Opinions and 
 comments will now be received. Attacks are discourged, but everyone is welcome
express their view. Thanks and here's to happy thoughts. Tina
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