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[IP] More ranting

I agree with most of the comments (or more specifically, the complaints) on
the latest Medtronic Minimed-BD announcement.  I was personally underwhelmed
by the announcement, and I do not think this brings us any closer to a
closed-loop system than any of the current meters and pumps do.  Considering
the huge amount of press they have gotten on this thing (it was on CNN this
morning), it really does nothing more than any other pump and meter

For me the biggest challenge is not doing the basic math to calculate how much
of a bolus I should take (no matter what the companies say in their press
releases), its trying to guess exactly how many carbs exist in non-packaged
foods, whether they are complex carbs, and how much fat exists that may slow
the absoption of those carbs, and how long my body will take to digest them. 
This product does absolutely nothing to address this issue.

Although I wouldn't do anything to discourage further innovation of this type,
this is really not the great innovation the companies are making it out to be,
and its certainly not worth all of the press they received.  Its not like the
companies lobbied congress to require all restaurants make nutritional content
information available to consumers.

If the press wants news, why aren't they mentioning that over the last 6
years, 4 new companies have entered the insulin pump market in the U.S.?  This
was a company-sponsored press release, not a news event.

At 05:47 AM 7/8/2003 -0700, you wrote:
big fat hairy deal on the new MNMD gizmo......For god's sake, the ONLY way we
are going to get perfect blood sugars is IF WE AREN"T DIABETIC!  I RESENT the
implication that it is MY fault when my blood sugars aren't "optimal" because
I made a MATH mistake!  Does this new gadget take into account the fact
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