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[IP] the NEW and IMPROVED Bolus Wizard

Bob wrote:
>The really good bolus wizard will have a built-in infra-red scanner 
> that you point SNIP, it will identify SNIP food SNIP contact server via 
>built-in encrypted wireless internet connectionSNIP calculate carb fat 
> from vast database SNIP take a reading from my mood ring SNIP
> determine stress levelSNIP convert it to binary coded octal, 
> XOR it with the value of "pi", and come up with my bolus.  Now, THAT would  

> impress me!  ;-)  Until then, I'm happy to do it the "old-fashioned" way.

ROTFLMAO - that is good....now what about your site - what if it is bad, or 
your insulin is bad or you have GASTRO, or what teh sensor THINKS is merely 
 broiled chicken with mashed potatos is REALLY sweet and sour chicken with
yams?  they COULD look the same to the sensor....

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