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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #381

In reference to the pump and MRI
 The magnet utilizes a magnetic field of .7 Tesla which is stronger than the
earths magnetice field. I wish i could tear the pump apart and look at the
I already contacted minimed 4 months ago
 1st the engineer said wear a lead shield....Thats when I lost trust ( I would
be sucked in the magnet) and he's an engineer?
 I told him he's thinking of a Cat Scanner which is also a
contraindication...which I dont understand why as it uses Xrays .
They did say I could go in if the field  at less than 1000G ..I think
heres the physics if anyone is interested  a refrigerator is 10millitesla =100G
  MRI 1.5 Teslas = 10,000 gauss
  Low field MRI .7T = 5,000G my guess
  earths magnetic field 30 microtesl =.3G
 It may be only affected if its a vertical vs a horizontal field? Only testing
on this would answer.....I dont think minimed would be interested for that
research as Im probabaly the only MRI tech with a pump?
 I have declined the position.....Im collecting my uemployment and when its up I
will take a position for one day a week while my husband looks for a new JOB
that has benefits Hopefully I will find one that II wont be working alone except
for sick days/vacations of my fellow co-workers without letting them know of
diabetes and take the pump off until its a problem with my physician and then if
they dont like it can go on unemployment again every other year.
  my real dilema was that I didnt have time to test my sugars or would be too
busy think i turned it off and & never turned it back on..hectic schedule. i
would go high and low all day as my employer kept it booked like two people were
working. Im realizing working more than a couple days a week with three little
ones and diabetes isnt manageable anyway....Im too tired of this!!!!
 Although I am curious now to see if the manufacturer of the pump and the
manufacture of the MRI unit could come up with a resolution.
 They have anesthesia equipment that uses a pump for oxygen and pulse oximeters
 As far as the metal garbage..it was an O2 tank that the OR personnel put under
the cart with a blanket over it.
 as far as people not going in...implanted metal is fine as its usually
stainless steel except for pacemaker...(it will stop it) Tens units which are
like our pump
old aneurysm clips.  imbedded metal will not be yanked into the magnet.

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