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RE [IP] Effects of Long Term BG Corrections

Carl Again;
Thanks for all the responses. I'm glad everyone is still alive!!!
 Wifey is an RN...but not a DM expert.(Neuro-oncology). She has seen the results
of bad control, and
 is concerned that I do not use the pump as a "cure all". Just because I can
correct or bolus, I still MUST
 lead a regimented diabetic life - This probably comes from A. Concern for me,
and B. The OLD school
of thought of treatment of DM. 
 I've tried to put her at ease, but to no avail. She knows I am fairly good at
keeping good BG levels,
 but does not like that extra cookie, or piece of pie....I still have a very
sweet tooth.

Thanks Again.
Carl - Denver
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