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Re: [IP] our patented Bolus Wizard calculator

   The really good bolus wizard will have a built-in infra-red scanner 
that you point at the food you are about to eat.  When activated, it 
will identify the type and amount of food you have and then contact the 
central server via it's built-in encrypted wireless internet connection, 
where it will calculate the carb and fat content from it's vast database 
of all known food types.  It will then take a reading from my mood ring, 
where it will determine my stress level and apply an appropriate 
multiplication factor.   It will take that result, convert it to binary 
coded octal, XOR it with the value of "pi", and come up with my bolus.  
Now, THAT would  impress me!  ;-)  Until then, I'm happy to do it the 
"old-fashioned" way.

Bob, pumping with the DTron+ since 3/2003

email @ redacted wrote:

>(and.... for a child. unless they're eatin packaged food, they no better, then
>any of us, estamating carbs.... 
>i DO have something against false, or trite MARKETING techniques....
>OH one other thing..... if im bleeding, a bandaid sure can help
>(Other Humans Feelings May Surely differ)
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