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it just hit me!! NOW I know why people LIKE these things with bells and 
whistles!!!  Why everyone rushes out to buy the newest and greatest thing!!

They TAKE the burden of responsibility away from us...."This way is failing 
me, NOT because it i am not using it properly, or not teaching my CHILD to use 
it properly, but because there is A BETTER one out there....What I have 
 "SUCKS" and until I get the BETTER one, I will NEVER be in control." People
this put the onus (sp) on an EXTERNAL force....It is rampant in this country 
anway...I mean, look at the way we blame our schools and teachers for our 
 children that can't read! We blame disruptive behavior in children NOT on the
that both parents are working and that the child sits around all day in front 
 of a game boy eating cheetos, but rather, he is ADD and NEEDS treatment! It is
always someone ELSE'S fault...On Oprah a few days ago, they applauded and 
 cheered for this teacher who was instructing his class on HOW TO EAT WITH A
AND FORK!  How to use MANNERS!!  How to hold a conversation!!!!  Excuse me, 
but isn't that the PARENT'S JOB?????  No, lets have our teachers do OUR work 
and then when our kids fail, we have someone to BLAME!

Back in the 'old" days, we could say "the dog ate it" but eventually we had 
to own up to our own shortcomings.....I didn't test my blood sugar for the 
 first 15 years of being a diabetic (they weren't around anyway), but I also did
not follow a good diet, so it is MY FAULT, as well as that of my crappy genes, 
that I have some complications...it is NOT the doctors fault or my mother's 
 fault or my teachers fault. Today, my A1c is not what it COULD be, NOT because
of my pump or because my meter doesn't send a message to my pump to SUGGEST a 
 bolus, but because i am LAZY...a new pump and meter is NOT going to change that
for ME, or anyone else!!!

In THIS day and age...we expect our teachers and doctors and priests and 
 government officials to take us by the hand and gently lead us through the land
 mine of life...steering us around the land mines, pointing out and defining the
dangers and pitfalls....we no longer want to think for ourselves, even if we 
could...it is easier to wait for something to take care of us than it is to 
accept the responsibility and live LIFE instead of letting life live you.

Sara SP
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