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[IP] big whup indeed (a rant)

ssp wrote:
SNIP <<For god's sake, the ONLY way we 
are going to get perfect blood sugars is IF WE AREN"T
implication that it is MY fault when my blood sugars
aren't "optimal" because 
I made a MATH mistake!  Does this new gadget take into
account the fact that 
the SITE may be bad? NO  Does it know if you are
fighting a cold?   NO  Does 
it know if you ate chinese food or ben and jerrys for
dinner? NO  Does it know 
if your insulin is bad NO....Does it know it you are
PMSing?  NO  Does it know 
you are working out later? NO....a million things that
I take into account 
EVERY time i take a bolus!>>

I have to whole heartedly agree!  Thanks for saying
this and everything else you wrote...It is so easy to
beat one's self up over this maddening disease - and
feel like a failure when you can't seem to get the
numbers to 'work'.  Rant away, Sara!  =)

Anna in Seattle 
dx'd 05/80 age 12
pumping since 05/03 

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