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Re: [IP] Re: big whup indeed (a rant) (another rant)

And besides the companies that come out with new developments to help us,
aren't we lucky that there are people around like Ryan Bruner and Rabbi Meisels
who spend so much time writing math calculating programs for those of us
who are very math challenged and can't do all the figures in our sleep
-- or even wide awake.  But I certainly can plug in the numbers into the
programs they write and it sure has helped me tremendously.  

I'm sure we didn't need dual wave boluses and things like that either --
people did survive without them -- but aren't we glad that they were
developed and we had the chance to buy them?

Be glad for any new development that comes along, and if it's not
worth much to you, don't buy it.  Isn't that the American way?

Judi in MI
email @ redacted

> 1. Calculating boluses is NOT an easy chore for MOST people.  Sure, 
> some people can do it in their sleep...but many cannot.
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