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Re: [IP] Lots of Questions

Kathleen -
 I have Cigna PPO, and I didn't pay anything for my pump or for my supplies. My
doctor had to fill out some paper work, but the process was realatively quick
and easy. I'm not sure how your HMO differs from my PPO, but I know that I LOVE
my paradigm!!! I have many fights with Cigna over my various health problems,
but this was one thing that they didn't give me a hard time about. Good luck!!!

My doctor suggested yesterday I start thinking about the pump.

I've done quite a bit of research already, but am having difficulty finding

I am insured by Cigna HMO ($10 copay). They tell me that durable medical
equipment is covered 100% but with a yearly limit of $3500. I also need a
CPAP machine which will take about $1000 out of that limit. They tell me
that they sole-source with Mini-Med. My employer (Texas school district) is
probably going with the state teacher insurance which at the current time is
Blue Cross / Blue Shield and covers 90%/10% with no limit.

Cigna/Gentevia/MiniMed will not tell me how much a pump and/or supplies
cost, so I can't figure out if I can even afford it. Anyone have any
ideas. Should I wait until the insurance change?

...I have more questions, but I figure one at a time would be best.
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