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[IP] Re: big whup indeed (a rant) (another rant)

thank you ryan. although i won't let anyone make me feel bad for already
having called minimed and starting the process for this 512, i, too, am
surprised as the responce. ok, so for YOU the math is no problem- good for
you! for some of us, this is great news and takes a huge stress off our
shoulders. children, newbies, math defienct adults (me) welcome ANYTHING
that makes dealing with this disease easier. no, it's no a cure- no one
said it was. but if it can help me shave a few points off my a1cs with
LESS work- then i'm all for it!

that's my rant...

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00 508 9/00 512 ?????
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